This is a test page for a new site.

Instructions to the owner:

The name of this page is 'index.html' and that's an important name.
It's the default document for this site. The first thing you want to
do is create your own 'index.html' document and put it on your site.


By FTP. FTP means File Tranfer Proticol and it's how you get your
documents from your computer to this one. A good program to use is
WS_FTP and it can be found in many places on the net.

You will need several pieces of information no matter what you use
to FTP your files.
  The site you are trying to contact
	an example might be
  Your username
	like                        domainowner
  Your password
	like                        thisismypassword1

Once you get into your site with this information and your FTP program
of choice you will need to check and see if you have a directory called
html. Whatever is in that directory or any below it is what can be seen
on the net. If you don't have an html directory then make one. Go into
it and that's where you put your index.html document. When that is done
you are on the net and the whole world can see your document(s).

You can now have your site built. Enjoy!

Remember, the web would be a lonely place without all of you.